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days_away's Journal

Days Away
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The East Coast sure can crank out the young rock stars. Not the lousy-rehash, recycled, dime-a-dozen kind either, but the interesting, innovative ones that make your brain hurt when you try and wrap your head around the fact that it’s even possible for a group of youngsters to create such inordinately mature and sophisticated music. Days Away are such a band.

Eight years ago, Philadelphia’s Days Away were seventh graders and back in those days the band consisted of old childhood friends Chris Frangicetto and Matt Haines who started jamming with neighbors Keith Goodwin and Matt Austin. The four young men got together with the mere intentions of just having some after-school fun and it was really their creation of an energetic collection of bedroom tunes that birthed Days Away. In 1998, after a couple of years of fine tuning and musical experimentation through every imaginable genre, the band self recorded a 12-song demo. Days Away and their philosophy of constant progression was thus solidified. The intensity of being able to create and perform music with a group of your best buddies is what kept the band from occupying arcades and street corners like most of the kids their age were doing. With the help of hometown buddies The Starting Line, the Orange County, California based indie label We The People Records was soon knocking on their back door. Constantly progressing and evolving as songwriters and musicians, Days Away were spinning in anticipation of recording some of the songs in their ever growing collection, and with the overwhelming attention focused on We The People, they decided to let the label help them out. Barely out of high school, the boys flew out to California in June of 2001 and recorded their E/P, THE FEEL OF IT.

Displaying their immeasurable passion and perseverance, THE FEEL OF IT was the perfectly satisfying payoff for six years of hard work and constant evolutionary efforts. It’s five songs of musical ecstacy that are vocally and instrumentally stunning. It will lure in even the most demanding music fans with supple, expressive vocals, dense rhythms and finely etched guitar lines. Their big sound is a blessed melange of each member’s varied and diverse influences.

After the E/P dropped the guys continued touring incessantly, crossing the country with their unstoppable live performance of eye-popping intensity. Keeping with their ongoing theme of progression to make the band the best it could be, Keith, Chris, Matt and Austin decided to complete the Days Away’s sound by adding long-time friend and keyboard player Tim Arnold to the ranks.

The pieces have all fit together and Days Away have America drooling. They are now stronger than ever and ready to impress by surpassing all expectations. They are planning an invasion and will soon have heads bopping and floors filled across the U.S. There is a lot packed into this five-piece: talent, charisma, charm, wit and brilliant musicianship. It’s scary how big this band could get, so get the feel of it and acquaint yourself with the newest, most worthy band in the country. -DaysAway.net

Chris Frangicetto - Bass | Matt Austin - Guitar | Tim Arnold - Keyboards | Keith Goodwin - Vocals/Guitar | Matt Haines - Drums